Welcome to Leren Connor, a brand and freelance creative based in the East Midlands, catering to a wide and eclectic audience. Starting out in early 2012 whilst still studying fashion at University, I opened up my 1st little Boutique with a fellow fashionista, it could be said that in the walls of that Boutique is where I found a huge part of my self. Eventually moving to Banks Mill Studios and working amongst four floors of other creatives, Leren Connor began working on Yearly Collections that would then travel the country to be sold at Conventions, festivals, craft fairs and fashion shows. Five years on and I'm now happy in my beautiful studio working from home. Having taken up freelancing alongside my own projects I've been involved with restoration work, buying and on going seamstress work. Having a change in direction Leren Connor now presents itself as a fashion brand catering for many creative needs such as Art Direction, Manufacturing, Visual Merchandising, Buying, Styling and much more. Still heavily inspired by creating fashion Leren Connor will continue to work on collections. 

A creatives Journal is a place for you to come and take a look at what I do as a creative person full stop, from my own projects to working and collaborating with other people, my favourite styles and thrifting finds and generally snippets and bits and bobs from my life...PEACE