Welcome to Bambis Den, an eclectic mix of forgotten treasures, festival attire, alternative clothing and accessories. Designed, made and sourced by Leren Connor, launching the Den in January 2018 with the intention of creating a creative movement for people who live of the beaten track, geek lovers, festival goers and street tribes. 

Here in the Den recycling and upcycling is hugely important to us, so much fabrics and clothing end up in landfills every year, due to majority of it being made out of synthetic fibres, this impacts our environment greatly. We try our hardest to make sure MOST of our products are recycled from fabrics, gems, trims, denim and our jewellery, this isn’t always possible though and when this happens we try to source as locally as we can. When you shop with Bambis Den you are helping our planet and that is something to be proud of.


Festival Attire

Leren Connor has traded at many festivals across the UK and in 2018 branching out to trading at festivals abroad, festival fashion is where the Dens heart is, having a passion for creating bright, funky and sparkly attires but also bringing street style inspirations, she launched the Den to have a place for this side of her creativity as well as her love for the wild things in life. Our Festival styles range from handmade, upcycled and sourced but still having the ethics side to the brand, eco fashion is very important to Leren. Making a conscious effort to try and source as much  materials as locally as possible and can often be found using materials and finds from her travels. Thrifting is life for the Den. There's of course the side to the brand which is all handmade, meaning there's raw designs from Leren as she also loves making pieces from scratch. 


Up-cycle - Recycle 

Thousands of tons of fabric and clothing makes it way to landfills each year, here at the Den we are advocates for sustainable fashion, we source charity shops and car boots for the best denim and materials to give a new lease of life to, we shop locally for trims and details to create something truly beautiful, all recycled materials are sourced with trusted thrifting fingers. Our Denim collections are on going and we also take on custom orders if you have something specific in mind. 


Rave Babe

We love the daaaarnce!!! We work closely with local Drum and Bass rave DENG, not just being your typical rave, we bring creative energy from art, fashion and music to create a night of good vibes and energy, a collective movement for passionate people alike. The Den brings the glitter and fashion and can often be found doing mini shoots at the event with our tribe of sassy gals and disco ravers. 


You can shop the whole collection via our online shop over on Etsy

Having shoots out in Jamaica, Bulgaria and our local city, we've collected amazing images along the way full of colour, great scenery and beautiful people. Bambis Den is a movement, collaborating with creative people and being involved with raves and festivals allows us to spread the sass and bring positive energy to females around the world. Majority of our images are photographed by Leren Connor but working with other photographers is hugely important to us. If you'd like to get involved with photoshoots please don't hesitate to get In touch. 

Join Bambis Den and be apart of the movement. 

You can find us on Etsy, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook under BAMBIS DEN, use the #bambisden and tag us in your photos.